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Learning together for a better tomorrow

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All About Flight

A Brilliant assembly for Year 1G, they have been learning about flight and aeroplanes, it was lovely to see the children so involved.  The singing was amazing and they  have clearly enjoyed their selves learning.


Yr 4M Parent Assembly

5th May 22


Well done to Year 4M for a fantastic Parent Assembly all about Romans.

They have talked about the Roman Empire and Roman Gods, showing all that they have learnt on

this topic and their trip to the Grovenor Museum in Chester.


Yr 3 Trip Blackpool Zoo

28th April 22


Great Weather, Great Trip, Great Zoo

The children had a fantastic day at the Zoo looking at all the different animals

and their habitats.

Yr 4 Trip to Grosvenor Museum, Chester

21st April 22

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester were we became Roman soldiers for the day marching around the streets of Chester shouting "sin, sin, sin dec sin". We also completed formation training and learned all about how the Romans worked together as a team to ensure their enemies couldn't break through their line. We had a great time trying to push our way through the wall of our teachers.


During our workshop we explored roman artefacts and replicas learning about how the Roman's arrived in Britain and why they decided to invade here. We dressed up as Romans, created mosaics and experienced some of the ingredients and smells found in a Roman kitchen.


We had a fantastic time exploring the museum, seeing real roman artefacts that are thousands of years old and learning about the importance of archelogy. 

Nursery Easter Hats

Reception Easter Hats

Year 1 Easter Hats

Year 2 Easter Hats


Year 3 & 4 Easter Eggs

Year 5 & 6 Easter Eggs

2M Parent Assembly -28/3/22



A huge well done to 2M for an amazing assembly about materials. You have learnt all about the uses of different materials and looked at what materials would be best for hot and cold weather, holding drinks and for different types of job. 



Yr 5 Visit  Knowsley Safari Park.

24th March 22.

What a fantastic day the children are learning about animals and their habitats, they have had a great tour of the Park, looking at  where the animals would naturally  live and what they would eat.

They have watched the bird of prey display and the sea lion show.


Yr 4 GMP Workshop

17th March, 2022

Year 4 enjoyed a trip back in time and began their training to be Prison wardens in the 1800s. Prison Warden Pearson put us through our paces with drill training and we experienced some of the activities prisoners in Strangeways prison would have experienced daily including, picking oakum and hard labour. We couldn't believe how basic and small the cells would have been and how disgusting it would have smelt as their toilets was just a bucket in the corner of the room.

Year 1 - Legoland Trip - 14th March 2022 

Year 1 have been learning all about toys, and to link with this they went on a trip to Legoland. Whilst there, they took part in a 'Storytales' workshop to develop their language and literacy skills. The children also enjoyed building models and saw Lego characters come to life in the 4D Cinema. Lots of fun was had by all!

Yr 6 Crucial Crew

16th March 2022

Year 6 spent the afternoon being given lessons from a range of safety organisations, including Greater Manchester Police and British Transport Police. They took part in role-play exercises to learn how to deal with hazardous situations. The pupils were given the unique opportunity to learn valuable skills, from the professionals, in a safe environment. 


Imagine That - Yr 2 Trip

8th March 2022.

The children enjoyed the imagination village, where they explored different jobs making them think about their aspirations. They then moved onto an art zone where they looked at magnets, painted a magnet of their own to take home and other activities including a music wall. The science area gave the children a hands on experience to experiment. They looked closely at materials as they looked at which materials sink or float, used a telescope to see which materials were smooth or rough and tried to make a giant bubble around themselves using a thin liquid. Lastly they watched a science show which they loved and got to make their own slime.