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Learning together for a better tomorrow

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Whole School Assembly

RNLI 5th June 2024

Today we had a visit from the RNLI, covering two assemblies for KS1 and KS2.   With the 200th anniversary of the RNLI this year they have shared their lifesaving history, with the children highlighting the dangers of water in seas and rivers.  RNLI will be out and about within the community celebrating with different events and fundraising.  Children have been completing water safety worksheets to raise awareness of dangers.

Yr 4 Parent Assembly

16th May, 2024


We are so proud of 4M/L who did a brilliant class assembly.  It was great to see them performing so confidently and lovely to see all of their dreams and ambitions!

Well Done 4L!!!

Yr 5 Canal Workshop

16th May 2024


Awaiting update

Yr 3 Liverpool World Museum

15th May 2024


Year 3 attended the World Museum in Liverpool linked to their current topic, Ancient Egyptians. They completed an exciting workshop where they handled ancient artifacts, learnt about hieroglyphics and even saw a mummified cat! We explored the museum where they saw real mummies including a crocodile!

Year 1F Parent Assembly

9th May 2024


Our assembly was based on our PSHE theme of  'living in the wider world'. We learned about how and why we need money, where money comes from and different ways we will pay for things when we are older. We even learned about the importance of saving our money.

Karate Club


During our assembly for all children the Red Tiger Karate champions have been in who teach the traditional style of Shotokan Karate.  They have talked to the children about the benefits of Karate.

  • Improved fitness, flexibility and stamina

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Develop your self confidence

  • Improved mental and physical co-ordination

  • Improve your child’s discipline, concentration and motivation

  • Family training encourages co-operation, team work and shared values

  • The opportunity to take part in tournaments and special seminars

  • You can make lasting friendships

Children have been sent home with information about classes available near to you at  Fletcher Hall, Vicarage Road, Swinton on Thursday Evening, if you looking for after school activities give it a go

Yr 5 & 6 

Easter Egg Parade

27th March 2024

Year 1 & 2

Easter Hat Parade

26th March 2024

Early Years Foundation Stage

Easter Hat Parade

25th March 2024

What a fabulous range of Hats we had this year, well done to all who have help the children with Hat Parade this Year, they were all eggcellent!!

EYFS - Growing

March 2024

 As part of the Growing topic this term the children have enjoyed watching the Living Eggs, this is a 10-day chick hatching programme, in which 10 Embryo Eggs Hatch to cute chicks.  The children have loved watching all 10 of the eggs hatch with 4 girls and 6 boys, and watching them grown each day.

Year 5 Knowsley Safari Park

29th February, 2024

The children had a brilliant day at Knowsley safari park. They started with a walking tour around the animals, learning about different animals including giraffes and meerkats. They then explored some more and went over the 'wobbly bridge' and saw the tigers. Next was lunch and a sea lion display, which was a lot of fun. They then had a quick play on the park, before heading onto the coach for the driving tour, where they got to drive road lots of animals (including lions and rhinos) and learn more about them. 

Yr 4 GMP Museum Manchester

12th February, 2024


As part of our topic in History Crime and punishment, Year 4 visited the Police Museum in Manchester where they had a superb time learning about the history of police and how prisoners used to be punished and treated in prison. They were able to tour actual real-life cells that were used in the Victorian times and really enjoyed handling objects such as handcuffs, walkie talkies and whistles that were actually used by police officers in the past. They also were very lucky to take part in a real-life trial, where the children took on the roles of judge, jury and barristers to battle it out to see who was guilty. The children were absolutely brilliant during the trial and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the law and how a trial takes place. All children agreed that it was one of the best trips that they had been on!


Year 6 Jorvick Viking Centre

7th February 2024


Year 6 had the opportunity to travel to York to learn more about our current History topic - The Vikings. In doing so, we explored the numerous artefacts at the Jorvik Centre and were given guided talks by the excellent staff there. Additionally, we learnt more about the role of archaeologists and how they conduct their excavations around the world; we were even able to have a go at uncovering some evidence ourselves as part of the DIG experiences. 

Year 1C Parent Assembly

8th February, 2024


Our assembly was focused on our topic this term which is poles apart. We have been looking at penguins and parts of the world they live in. We then have focused on Antarctica, the continents and how different animals adapt to their environment. We still have lots more to explore in this topic!

Year 3 Trip 

Sea Life Centre - 8th February 2024


Y3 had a brilliant day at Sealife Manchester. We loved exploring the different habitats found in the ocean and looking at all the brightly coloured fish. We participated in a workshop all about habitats and adaptations and even created our own sea life creatures for different parts of the ocean such as the Midnight Zone and The Trench. We loved visiting the sea turtle nursery and even got the chance to stroke a seahorse. 

Year 1 Visit

St Peters Church

We walked down to St Peter’s Church as part of our RE curriculum to explore what is inside a church and what is celebrated in church. The children looked at the alter, the candle area, the stained glass windows and explored the font where children are baptised. 


Yr 2W Parent Assembly

25th January, 2024


A fantastic heart warming assembly from Year 2W, showing us we can be what we want to be, we are all Superhero's.


Yr 6 Lledr Hall Trip

15 - 19th January 2024


Take a look at the Pics, you don't need me to tell you they had a fantastic time !!