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Learning together for a better tomorrow

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Reception Class

Toys, Toys, Toys.

27th January, 2023

What a lovely afternoon the Reception Children have had, learning about toys, they have been looking at the history and how they have changed and to finish the week off they have enjoyed a teddy bears picnic, playing games.

Year 6 - Lledr Hall


Year 6 have had the opportunity to go on our 5 day Residential Adventure Trip to Lledr Hall. They had an amazing time sledding, rock climbing, completing high ropes courses, taking part in team building challenges and having lots of fun!

Year 2

Christmas with the  Aliens


 A great nativity in which some alien visitors become stranded on earth with a broken spaceship. They meet a group of schoolchildren about to rehearse their Christmas play and are invited to watch it.

The aliens discover an amazing story and want the whole universe to hear it. But will they be able to mend their spaceship and travel back to outer space?


Yr 6 Christmas Play


 When Sasha got Swept Up The Chimney" This festive show follows orphan, Sasha, as she and her friends are mysteriously swept up the orphanage chimney thanks to a sprinkle of magical stardust. But this is just the start of a thrilling adventure that will take them all the way to the North Pole, and change their lives forever! However, all is not well in the Frozen North and when Christmas is threatened by an evil Tooth Fairy, it's down to Sasha and her friends to save the day!




Nursery Christmas Songs


A fantastic Medley of Christmas Songs sung by the Nursery Children

Very Proud of how they performed, first time on the stage in front of parents, they all did amazing - Well Done Nursery


Reception Christmas Nativity

Happy Birthday Jesus


Tis the season and to kick it off our Reception Class have done a fantastic production, all enjoyed the singing and dancing along to Happy Birthday Jesus.

YR4 Parent Assembly


The children loved practising for the Year 4E assembly on Electricity and were so excited to perform it for their parents and all of ks2. They put so much effort into their acting and remembering their lines and spoke so clearly. During the assembly, the children showed off their fantastic knowledge about everything that they had learnt that half term in Science such as building circuits, making a buzzer sound in their circuit and all about electrical safety. They also loved sharing their experiences about our class trip to Eureka and it was clear to see that they learnt lots of valuable information from their visit there. I am sure that you will agree that their assembly was outstanding and that they should all be very proud of themselves.

Yr 2 Class Assembly


 The children have been learning all about WW1. They shared their knowledge during the assembly, showing their art work, poem writing and wreaths they created. During our learning we looked at songs sang during the war which they sang brilliantly.   

Yr 5 Visit Science and Industry Museum



Year 5 attended the Science and Industry museum in line their Science topic 'Forces' where they attended two work shops, Forces and Flight and Circuit City. They spent time explore the experiment gallery which they thoroughly enjoyed


Yr 2 Visit The Cenotaph


 Year 2 took part in the remembrance service at the cenotaph as they have been learning all about WW1. They were impeccably behaved and showed great respect, representing the school well. We also placed a wreath on the cenotaph that the children had made in school. We were asked to return next year as their behaviour and interest in the service were commented on by local councillors.

Yr 6 Midnight Gangs Knife Workshop


On Monday our Yr 6 participated in a Virtual Decision  workshop, they talked about different scenarios and watched a virtual film where they were able to make their own decisions on which path to take.  It was discussed what paths they choose and the decisions for this, discussed ways in which to deal with the pressures of gangs.



Yr 4 Eureka


Year 4 had a great day at Eureka, with lots of interactive activities, they had a fun filled day.


31/10/22 - 2/11/22

Year 5 have had the opportunity to Visit Robinwood this year on a 3 day Adventure Residential.  They have had a fantastic time on all the outdoor and indoor activities, including

Canoeing, High Swings, Rock Climbing, The Piranha Pool, Archery and many more.


Halloween Disco


Jeepers Creepers, its a scare fest!

Yr 1 Larkhill Place Museum


The children have visited the Museum to look at different things from the past and how they have changed today, they looked at different toys compared to today, how they dressed and washed clothes, and looked at the cobbles street and shops.

Yr 2 Smithills Farm


The children visited pets corner and got to feed the lambs, hold baby chicks and rabbits and meet some of the other animals. They all got a donkey ride, rode the tractor to feed the donkeys and had a play on the park. We watched the cows being milked and could see the milk going directly into the milk bottles. They learnt about life on a farm, lifecycles of animals and what farms provide for humans. 



Yr 5 Harvest Assembly


Recently, Yr 5 put on a fantastic assembly demonstrating all that they have learnt about the Harvest. They learnt about where their food comes from and who helps them to receive their food. They researched how different countries around the world celebrate and their traditions whilst understanding how other countries' harvest can be effected. In addition, they explored the importance of helping and giving to charity to support those who are less fortunate.