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Learning together for a better tomorrow





Learning together for a better tomorrow

Ethos and Values



'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


  • Everyone in the school community will be valued as an individual and encouraged to be successful citizens and lifelong learners.
  • We promote British and co-operative values and attitudes to equip children for learning in a diverse society.
  • We recognise that every child matters, we will nurture and support their abilities, helping them all to achieve their potential.
  • We provide a high quality education and opportunities to nurture all talents in academic, sports, arts and cultural beliefs.
  • We develop relationships based on trust, honesty and respect.
  • We value each other  as individuals where everyone is optimistic and proud of their achievements and those of others.
  • We strive to always have a vibrant, exciting atmosphere in which children and staff feel safe and happy.
  • We believe that happy children learn.



We are working together to promote children's learning in a stimulating manner. We agree high standards in Teaching and Learning are the focus of our school. We want all children to be valued as individuals, to be praised and rewarded for all achievements, where differences are celebrated.


Leadership and Staffing


The leadership team and governors have a strong vision and purpose to lead high quality teaching and learning. We aim to develop subject leadership roles to ensure rigorous monitoring and evaluation in their subject. We strive to ensure that all teaching is consistently good or better. Through performance management, we identify plans for future staff development.




The governors care about our school staff and children. They ask difficult questions, accept responsibility for key decisions and challenge the school in order to raise standards.




We aim to develop and embed a creative curriculum that gives children time to reflect upon, contribute and have ownership of the content. The curriculum over the next five years will be richer, more engaging and exciting with a strong emphasis on Mathematics and English skills development. We will focus on improving and developing continuous provision in our early years setting.




We will sustain our focus on standards and personalised learning. We will ensure that every child reaches their educational potential. English and Mathematics will remain a high priority to ensure standards remain high. Rigorous monitoring and evaluation will play a major role in promoting expected or better progress for all children.




We provide high quality on-line resources to improve teaching and learning for parents and pupils. New resources are updated on a regular basis. E-Safety is a high priority. All staff will continue to attend e-safety training and new staff are inducted, to raise awareness and understanding of current issues which may be harmful for our children. All children will participate in annual programmes of e-safety training. We will continue to request that parents engage in responsible on-line monitoring.




We strive to maintain and improve established links with parents and the community.


Health and Safety


The Health and Safety of staff and children will continue to be of a high quality. We have systems in place which ensures regular reviews and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor environments.


This vision has been shared by staff, children, governors and parents to ensure a successful, bright and happy future.