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Learning together for a better tomorrow

City Year


An Introduction to City Year


City Year is a charity that enables young people to spend a year volunteering in schools, acting as near-peer mentors to students. It was founded in America in 1988 and since then has expanded to three countries and over 30 cities.


Over the next year they will be running a whole range of activities and events at Mossfield; from talent shows to clubs. The team are really excited about being here and about all the great things that they will be doing in school.


Meet the Team



Miss Aisling joined City Year after working for another charity that worked with teenagers, she wanted to help children realise the many benefits of education from a much younger age how much it can help them. Miss Aisling is a keen reader as well as being a self confessed chocoholic.


Miss Emily is a placement student, currently studying Social Psychology at Loughborough University. She chose City Year as her placement as she wants to inspire children to work hard and be successful whilst putting a bit of fun into education! Miss Emily is a big fan of art and crafts and can often be found drawing or creating something amazing!


Mr Matt graduated from University last year and joined City Year as he wanted to show that nothing should get in the of getting a good education. He believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn. In his spare time Mr Matt takes part in off road wheelchair racing and stand-up comedy!


Miss Lauren started University last year at the University of Edinburgh but realised it wasn't for her, so has decided to take some time out to volunteer with City Year before starting a different University in 2019. She wants to act as a role model for the children and believes that if you work hard, you can achieve anything! Miss Lauren is a big fan of books and loves reading.


Miss Elle has recently completed her A-Levels and has joined City Year as she wants to help children to realise that they are capable of achieving their goals if they believe they can and try hard. City Year is an opportunity for her to gain experience, new skills and grow in confidence. Miss Elle loves dogs and enjoys taking her pet dog for a walk every evening.


Mr Mojib is a placement student, currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester. He chose City Year as his placement as he one day hopes to become a teacher and believes City Year will allow him the opportunity to help children build a better future for themselves, as well as providing him with a true insight into teaching and what skills and techniques are necessary to succeed. Mr Mojib is a keen pianist and every now and then you may hear him play the school piano!


Miss Madeehah has just finished her A-levels and wants to spend a year gaining new skills and experience, whilst simultaneously giving back to the community, before starting university. Her aim is to obtain a Psychology Degree and then train to become a primary teacher. She chose City Year because she already has experience working with children and can see how they would benefit from such a cause.